Supply Chain Defense for Acquisition Program Management Teams

More rigorous security and compliance expectations for third parties threaten the speed of procurement life cycles. BlueVoyant automates previously time-intensive workflows at scale.

  • Research the risk landscape before vendor requirements are written

    Conduct a broad risk assessment of a target industrial base to prepare for likely vulnerabilities ahead of a contract award.

    Supply chain risk monitoring
  • Don’t rely on point-in-time assessments

    Continuously monitor for new or previously unknown risk events as market conditions and threat landscapes rapidly evolve.

    Monitor cyber risk
  • Find shared supplier relationships across programs

    Partner with other program offices to map common suppliers across the agency in order to reduce the time it takes to acquire and onboard with additional programs.

    External risk assessment

Defend your supply chain

Mitigate business risks and cyber vulnerabilities with deep visibility into complex supply chains.

  • Illuminate

  • Monitor

  • Remediate

  • Prioritize

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