Supply Chain Risk Reduction

Technology paired with expert analysts prepared to directly remediate threats.

  • Avoid ‘alert fatigue’ with accurate risk prioritization and assessment

    Automatically identify discrete risk events and review timely, analyst-backed guidance on remediation steps.

    Vendor supplier cybersecurity
  • Develop program and geo-specific risk thresholds and remediation playbooks

    Partner with expert analysts on risk mitigation planning for zero-day cyber vulnerabilities and other critical threats.

    Supply chain security
  • Decrease time to mitigation with direct third-party relationships

    Utilize expert-driven interaction between experienced analysts and supply chain vendors to validate and confirm remediations more quickly than before.

    Tprm workshops

Early warning advantage

A U.S. federal government agency learned about a potential supply chain disruption three weeks before the supplier notified the prime contractor and government stakeholders through traditional reporting channels. With expert support from BlueVoyant’s Risk Operations Center, the agency identified an alternative supplier so production could continue on time and at cost.

Early warning advantage case study

Defend your supply chain

Mitigate business risks and cyber vulnerabilities with deep visibility into complex supply chains.

  • Illuminate

  • Monitor

  • Remediate

  • Prioritize

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