Supply Chain Defense for GovernmentTM

A fully managed solution that actively protects government supply chains from business and cyber risk.

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Supply Chain Illumination & Mapping

Deconstruct a supply chain from the outside in

Assessing risk beyond prime contractors and their subcontractors often requires significant time, resources, and data that government agencies cannot obtain on demand or at scale. BlueVoyant’s proven approach to outside-in illumination leverages:

  • More than 50,000 unique open-source and proprietary data feeds
  • Zero agency or vendor proprietary data
  • Proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning models that automate previously manual analyst workflows
Supply chain illumination and mapping product
Supply Chain Risk Monitoring

Gain non-stop risk awareness

Periodic self-attestation questionnaires or external audits fail to provide a persistent view of the entire risk landscape – and worse, are often siloed to the teams ultimately responsible for mitigation. BlueVoyant’s rock-solid approach to risk monitoring includes:

  • Capacity to map, monitor, and mitigate risk for tens of thousands of suppliers at once
  • Eight business and cyber risk areas prioritized in a single dashboard, according to agency-specific thresholds
  • 100% of the supply chain ecosystem assessed for foreign influence
Supply chain risk monitoring
Supply Chain Risk Reduction

Keep an expert in the loop

Government agencies need tools that not only identify risk but also validate, analyze, and recommend immediate actions to reduce or eliminate the impact of known threats. Analysts in BlueVoyant’s Risk Operations Center ensure:

  • 100% of third-party vendor risk events are validated and prioritized
  • No attack surface footprint is older than 90 days
  • More time is spent on effective mitigation and remediation strategies and direct coordination with third parties as needed
Supply chain risk reduction product

Primary Threats to Government Supply Chains

BlueVoyant SCD-G provides continuous monitoring and early warning detection for eight critical supply chain risk areas.

  • Business Financial Risk
  • Corporate Governance Risk
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Risk
  • Cyber and IP Risk
  • Economic Market Risk
  • Foreign Influence
  • Legal and Regulatory Risk
  • Operational Risk

Protect sensitive data

BlueVoyant SCD-G is a secure, cloud-hosted application that allows for integration into internal systems and classified environments.

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Ready to defend your supply chain?

BlueVoyant SCD-G uses machine learning-driven automation and human-led expertise to illuminate, validate, and remediate threats across complex supply chains.

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