End-to-end supply chain risk management that pairs machine learning-driven automation with human-led expertise.

Our full-spectrum approach to reduce supply chain risk

  • Outside-in supply chain illumination with publicly available data

  • Full supply chain mapping, down to individual system components

  • Continuous business and cyber risk monitoring for non-stop coverage

  • Tailored risk prioritization to avoid alert fatigue

  • Direct coordination with vendors to mitigate cyber vulnerabilities

  • Secure cloud environment to keep information protected

Explore our supply chain defense solutions

  • Supply Chain Illumination & Mapping

    Leverage advanced machine learning models to map complex supply chains from the outside in

  • Supply Chain Risk Monitoring

    Continuously monitor tens of thousands of suppliers for both business risk and cyber vulnerabilities

  • Supply Chain Risk Reduction

    Take action on critical threats with the support of expert analysts and remediation playbooks

Ready to defend your supply chain?

BlueVoyant SCD-G uses machine learning-driven automation and human-led expertise to illuminate, validate, and remediate threats across complex supply chains.

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