Supply Chain Defense for Supply Chain Risk Management Teams

Government agencies cannot defend against risks that they don’t know about. BlueVoyant delivers comprehensive risk awareness without delay.

  • Start with a macro view of the risk landscape

    Determine agency or program-specific risk thresholds and contingency plans based on existing supply chain weaknesses.

    Vendor supplier cybersecurity
  • Integrate business and cyber risk management efforts

    Reduce internal silos with a complete view of all business and cyber-related supply chain threats in a single solution.

    Supply chain risk monitoring
  • Know where to focus mitigation efforts first

    Avoid alert fatigue with prioritized risk event information, tailored to custom-built risk schemas and routed to the appropriate stakeholders.

    Supply chain security

Defend your supply chain

Mitigate business risks and cyber vulnerabilities with deep visibility into complex supply chains.

  • Illuminate

  • Monitor

  • Remediate

  • Prioritize

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