BlueVoyant Acquires 202 Group to Deliver the Most Comprehensive Supply Chain Risk Management Solution for U.S. Government Entities

October 28, 2021

Combined solution will enable government entities to continuously monitor their supply chain for third-party cyber and vendor risks

NEW YORK, October 28, 2021 – BlueVoyant, the makers of the industry’s only end-to-end internal and external cyber defense platform, today announced that it has acquired 202 Group, a leading provider of data-driven supply chain risk management solutions to the U.S. federal government. This acquisition will combine the capabilities of BlueVoyant’s powerful cloud-native, third-party cyber risk management solution with 202 Group’s supply chain risk management solution to create a new offering, BlueVoyant Supply Chain Command™.

BlueVoyant Supply Chain Command is the most comprehensive supply chain risk management solution in the market with capabilities designed to manage strategic, cyber, operational, tactical, financial, and compliance risks including:

  • End-to-end, third-party cyber risk management designed to proactively identify cyber risks in agency-wide and program-specific vendor ecosystems and proactively remediate issues before threat actors can exploit critical vulnerabilities
  • Discovery and mapping of third- and fourth-party vendors in agency supply chains using advanced machine learning capabilities
  • Geo-specific industrial base reporting to help government entities better understand risks in their supply chain based on geographic factors including adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, and climate change
  • Identify foreign adversaries’ investment into or control of suppliers that could increase the risk of IP theft, industrial sabotage, and espionage
  • Vendor viability monitoring to continuously check financial and contract performance risks including layoffs, bankruptcies, lawsuits, and other indicators

“Simply put, there is nothing like this on the market,” said Jim Rosenthal, CEO of BlueVoyant. “The U.S. federal government has implemented policies and procedures to ensure the security of its myriad supply chains. We are proud to join in this effort by delivering advanced technology solutions backed by elite experts with the knowledge needed to help reduce risk to government entities and their mission-critical programs.”

Arun Sankaran, Cofounder and CEO of 202 Group, added: “As a team, we bring decades of experience helping government entities identify and manage risk in their supply chain. We are excited to join forces with BlueVoyant and its amazing team of cybersecurity professionals to take government supply chain risk management to the next level."

Supply Chain Risk Management is a Major Priority for U.S. Federal Entities

Supply chain risk management is an increasingly important issue for U.S. government entities, as well as for the country. On February 24, 2021, U.S. President Joe Biden issued executive order 14017 that will lay the groundwork for a redesign of the U.S. federal government's supply chain. However, one of the most challenging issues U.S. federal government entities face is the ability to continuously monitor their supply chain for risks that emerge over time.

BlueVoyant Supply Chain Command enables program executive officers to identify risks as they are introduced into the supply chain or customize a solution to meet the needs of specific programs and contracts, in order to fully understand and protect their program’s supply chain.

Continuous Supply Chain Monitoring Led by Machine Learning and Automation, Backed by Elite Supply Chain Risk Management Experts

BlueVoyant Supply Chain Command provides government entities with an early warning system for supply chain risk and is the only solution on the market that incorporates both third-party cyber risk management and supply chain business risk management into a single offering. Led by cutting-edge technology and the best data analytics, all backed by elite cyber and supply chain risk management professionals, BlueVoyant can provide a complete picture of supply chain risk in U.S. federal government entities and enable program executive officers and risk managers to act.

The solution continuously monitors the supply chain for new and emerging risks by leveraging proprietary, open source, and commercial data sets and then ranks findings based on severity. A cloud-native solution, BlueVoyant Supply Chain Command can be tailored to specific agency, program, or contract requirements and can be rapidly deployed in a matter of days. The solution is a module of BlueVoyant’s Ecosystem Cyber Defense Platform and can be expanded to include BlueVoyant’s internal and additional external cybersecurity solutions or as a standalone solution.

Inquiries should be directed to BlueVoyant’s U.S. federal team.

About BlueVoyant

At BlueVoyant, we recognize that effective cybersecurity requires active prevention and defense across both your organization and supply chain. Our proprietary data, analytics, and technology, coupled with deep expertise, works as a force multiplier to secure your full ecosystem.

Accuracy. Actionability. Timeliness. Scalability.

Founded in 2017 by former Fortune 500 and former government cyber officials, BlueVoyant is headquartered in New York City and has offices in Maryland, Tel Aviv, San Francisco, Manila, Toronto, London, Latin America, and Budapest.

About 202 Group

202 Group was founded because decision-makers are not getting the timely insights they need from management consultants and analytics software vendors. We believe that artificial intelligence, commercial tools, and open data can accelerate supply chain illumination, supplier risk monitoring, and market insight. We assembled a talented team of technologists and market experts to develop our platform that integrates best-of-breed commercial tools and massive open data sets. We deliver tailored insights, continuously, with a solution that automates and augments the important work of our clients.

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