On-Demand Webinar

Detecting Early Indicators of Supply Chain Risk

On-Demand Webinar

Government supply chains have been plagued with a series of “black swan” events. From COVID-19 to inflation, how can government organizations – and their suppliers – get ahead of major supply chain disruptions?

Join the BlueVoyant Government Solutions team as they share how to identify early risk indicators for both business continuity and cyber-related threats with a combination of technology and expert services. Using real-life scenarios, attendees will also learn best practices for their own supply chain risk management programs.

This webinar will cover:

  • Different types of supply chain risk
  • Early warning signs for both business and cyber-related supply chain risks
  • Best practices to implement into internal supply chain risk management programs

Who you’ll hear from:

  • Andrew Daly | Vice President, Product, BlueVoyant Government Solutions
  • Josh Cramer | Director, Business Development, BlueVoyant Government Solutions